Strengths and Struggles of ADHD

You see a beautiful child with characteristics of sensitivity, intuitiveness, and persistence. You wonder why the school sees nothing positive.

But what is THEIR focus??

A child who is:

  • Late to class, many times without the necessary materials
  • Unfocused, missing class assignments and class content
  • Showing unacceptable behaviors in the classroom and in unstructured environments
  • Demonstrating low self-esteem
  • Engaging in conflicts with peers

And because of their perceptions, the school believes all of this is purposeful and based on laziness!

How can we work together and make a positive change for your child?

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Overcoming Struggles With Karen's Consultation

Let's talk about your child and how executive functioning may impact him/her in the classroom.

What are the essential next positive steps to take with the school once this data is collected?

Let’s Make Sure You Can Be the Best Advocate for Your Child!

Remember, you know your child the best. Regarding support systems, you are an equal member of the team. The parent input statement on the IEP is a must for you the parent to make positive statements about your child and how you see him/her moving forward to achieve goals.

Let’s talk about how you can participate effectively to attain the support your child with ADHD needs to succeed!

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